A research published by Prof.Kevin. M. Bonney of New York University in the Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education in 2015 and another separate

 research  by Prof. Dunne, D. and Brooks for the Centre for Teaching and Learning USA revealed that Learning from case studies helps to develop

1. Problem solving skills, 

2. The ability to make sound decisions in complex situations, 

3. The capability to cope with ambiguities,

4. The effective application of knowledge which in turn improves competency and effectiveness.

In the light of the above studies and as part of the Institutes desire to sharpen members competencies, effectiveness, as well as promote professionalism, we have approved an effective Public Relations learning resource tagged: PR Case Studies: Mastering The Trade put together by one of our members, Ishola Ayodele

The learning resource will be available for purchase at the National Conference/AGM tagged Great Kwara 2017.


Benefit to Members
1. It will assist members to be more effective in their jobs by understanding what works and what doesn’t. 
For instance, Ogilvy PR produced arguably the best PR campaign in 2016 with their ‘Taste it' campaign for Coca-cola by simply looking into the case study book to see what had worked for Coca-cola in the past. (See the sample case studies attached for the Coca-cola campaign).

More benefits here (or see attached file)

Please see the attached files for more information or contact Ishola Ayodele via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 08077932282,08129964550